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This blog doesn't represent any entity. The content shown on this website is my personal thoughts related to spirituality. I have a decent source of spiritual books for reference. This website is based on the core foundation of spiritual knowledge. If you are reading my blog, please don't consider me the right person for this topic. I created this blog for expressing my views about old scriptures and decoding them in my way. So, this topic helps me to share my opinion and as always your opinions also have an equal amount of value. So please share your opinion in the comment box and for blog purpose or any blog related queries or any topic you want to cover you can publish your blog on my website.

So, thank you for your support. Publishing this disclaimer now is very important, as I am writing some deep content from today. understanding this content and maintaining the authenticity of the reference book is a big task. As an audience please make sure that I am not spreading any nuisance and fake or incorrect information on this website.

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