Don't throw waste in dumping yard. 

As in discussion of maker-chatshaala. We have discussed the relation between human, nature (Environment) and technology. In that we discussed for making sustainable development so, that the balance of nature and technology will be effective for all human beings.

To implement this in our daily life, we started to bring some activities which can be done from home 🏡 to bring changes in Environment which will help to keep balance in our surroundings. 1st activity is zero garbage. 

Zero garbage 🗑️ means not dumping our home waste in dustbin, it means managing waste in 🏠 for further usage by collecting them separately. 

We have mainly 3 form of waste.  

Kitchen waste

In this we get wet waste like vegetables residue and other remaining food. For managing this we have to make compost from this residue, so that we can use it for plants. To make compost we have to cut vegetables finely and add it to some drum or any pot. For pot we can create rock, dry leaves and soil base and add this kitchen waste in it and again cover it by dry leaves and soil. Then water it completely and leave this pot for 15days or 1month. But in this method you cannot make daily compost. 
So 2nd method is making of drum Tumblr. By Tumblr we can add daily waste in it and for composting by adding little water and soil and by some bio culture we can generate mannuer for plants.

By rotating drum regularly it will blend waste and soil very well for composting. Check this Video for detail information.


For plastic waste open wrappers properly and plain them like a paper sheet and store them in bags by cleaning them. We can recycle it or give to recycle factories. Every plastic wrappers makers have responsibility to collect and recycle their plastic waste. So, help them for collection of wrappers or plastic bottles. 

Paper waste 

Paper can be stored and then can be recycled easily or we can sell it to scrap collectors. Now remaining waste is diapers and sanitary napkins. For that u can collect them and submit them to bio hazardous materials which is collected by every municipal corporation. So, by this we can manage our waste by ourself.

Please manage your waste by yourself don't involve third person to collect waste and don't increase the dumping yard area by dumping waste in public dustbins.

So, take this as a challenge and manage your waste and convert it into useful things. Search for zero garbage 🗑️ you will get more better ideas. 
Also for municipal corporation workers job are concern they can start collecting scrap or generate compost and other sustainable development. 
I will further update this post as I generate and make new projects regarding this.
Join this `challenge` and generate sustainable Environment in our surroundings. 


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