Hello everyone,

Welcome to blog.
I am Prashant Palane. 

This is my 9th blog. I have not posted daily blog from month. Sorry for that I was busy in some technical works for my site. I have completed all work now regarding this. As I am writing this blog it is very cloudy day in Navi Mumbai. Yesterday heavy rain fall in this locality.

This is the ending period of monsoon season in Maharashtra. In mid October monsoon will finish. Also festive season will start. In this month I attended shibir about spirituality. I learned lot from that, started reading spiritual books. So by end of this festival season you will know the basics of spirituality.

So let's see today's story and thought of the day.


We are living in 21st century. In this age we are getting bored very rapidly about any activity. We are not adapted to situation quickly and continue it for long time. Also people are tend to tired by topic related to their life, their family, children, wife or husband and everything around them. They
misunderstand each other very quickly without knowing their real thought about the words they speak.

In this modern world we have to learn as never before. We have to learn about how to speak to bored person to motivate him to bring closer to God. Also learn to speak to become the part of God and achieve oness in each individual by seeing all people as a part of divine soul. But sometimes even the sweetest words-words we think would be best befit the situation, may boomerang and worsen the Situation.

People everywhere tend to be like a time bomb. The time bomb of tension which is always ready to blast. Peoples everynhere becoming indifferent and proyocative, rather than receptive to any word. They ane always eager to blast their bombs. In this modern era we have lost the quality of receiving and listening. We are always working as output like bomb blasts rather than collecting input of good words which help us in Future.

If you realise how you speak to your dear ones you will realise that how bitterly you are talking or considering a cheap the lower person than you will always hurt you. So, don't do it again and pratect yourself from this trap. Follow the god and become
devotee of the god or otherwise you will cry in sad condition.

If you become devotee of god, in return god will love you and will always protect us from doing bad sin. If you chant god's name regularly he will release us from bad company, and best of all make us cry bitterly about our sin.

We have to discipline Ourselves, not only to know how to speak, but also to be silent as the occassion calls for, and as the lord guides. Always remeber silent and as the lord guides. Always remember that in many situation silence is the golden thing which will improve our thought and will bring us closer to God.

A caring heart, a listening ear
A compassionate look,a gentle tear 
Will help to lift the heavy load
Of weary souls along life's road. 

So, that's it for you in this blog I will be available for you in my next blog.

Thank you.


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