Hello, everyone.

I am Prashant Palane. I have posted 8 blogs since the beginning and this is the first summary of all blogs. So it is very descriptive and very interesting. Because this will cover all the different aspects of a 8 days. So sorry for not publishing blog on the daily basis. I started with 3 & 5 blogs in 3 & 5 consecutive days respectively. But after that I started researching about the site to perform better. 

  • Technical Aspect 

In performance, accessibility, best practices and  SEO I wanted to perform well and also I want to shift my site to my own domain. So it takes me almost 10 to 12 days to perform my site well and also to get my own domain. In this process I also learn about some basic coding, data analyzing, creating tags, optimizing site and all these aspects are making my site better and making side eligible for google AdSense. 

  • Spiritual Aspect

As you know from my site name, I publish blogs related to spiritual angle. But my main goal is about to make the blog which contain both spiritual and science aspects.



I started blogs mostly focused on spiritual content because all peoples are very much familiar with science related topics. So I skipped the science aspect because I want to make spiritual foundation more stronger. After making both equally knowledgeable. In future I will start mixture of both science and spirituality. 

★ Categories of blogs 

  • #spi_ence - It is mostly based on spirituality with little bit of science angle which I have published according to this category earlier and i will continue this category up to 15 November 2020.    
example of #spi_ence is Astrology. Predicting future by analyzing past actions based on planetary position. 

  • #sci_tual- It is strongly based on science with golden lining of spirituality. I have yet published any blog. Based on this category I will start publishing this category from 16 november onwards.
example for this hashtag #sci_tual is astrophysics exploring outer universe based on mats and astro position using spirituality as a motivation. 


  • Infinite to Zero-This is the special category the ALPHA one. The base of the two categories. All the universe activity are based on this basic law. I will use @binaryspirit for glimpsing and publishing thought about the true universe. Answer to those questions which are almost same for all and all people are trapped in this cycle. From 15 January 2021 I will start posting my blogs related to Infinite to Zero.

          example of the questions are as follows-  
  1. where we come from?
  2.  what is the purpose of life? 
  3. where we have to go?
  4.  how far we will continue this race? 
  5. what is the end of this process? 

So this is the vast & most important topic for our daily life and we will learn very important life lessons as we progress further and achieve the ultimate goal of our life of achieving the absolute truth of the universe. 

So stay connected. 

★ Week Summary

This is the section for those who are new to this blog category and some are familiar to this, but they don't get time to rate the blogs in weekdays. So this is my first week summary blog. Because of this I have included all eight blogs in this. From next Sunday regularly I will post it on weekends. 

So let's begin. 

Good Works and Wonderful Works

17th August 2020

So you have to do your works without expecting for anything in return the unconditional work. You have to perform well and according to our work not by our name. 

You have to give priority to a spotless life. You have to repent your deep sorrow you have to perform unsanctified state. You have to first sanctify your behavior and pray the lord.

Many people say to lord we have done our wonderful work. Please include us in good place lord replies. I don't know you but in another place lord says you have to recognize by your good works and achieve fruits in life by this god wants us to recognize by our good deeds rather than wonderful ones. Good works are related to the fruit of sacred spirit which is love, joy,  peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness and temperance. Whereas wonderful works related to outcomes of sacred spirit such as gift of healing, casting out devils, working miracles, etc. So you have to known by your good works rather than fruits of the wonderful works. 

Rejoice not that the spirits are subject unto you but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven. 

Fire! Fire!

 18th August 2020 

One lady once had a vision. In her dream she saw she is taken to hell for visit. She went into hell she shocked by the presence of her mother in hell, the mother also saw her daughter and from far distance pathetic voice she asked for help to get her out or at least relive her little from heat of blazing fire. The daughter started ripping daughter knows very well that no one in hell can be taken out. 

The vision really shook up the lady. She decided to do all she could by the grace of god to save mother from terrible suffering. She led to salvation first her own husband and then her children and many others.

Do you have a compassion for perishing souls? Do you realize that bad souls are going to suffer from hell fire all through eternity?

May everyone be a devoted missionary to save perishing millions. 

Where their worm not dead and the fire is not quenched.

★ Question- Do you know the after like suffering and value of deeds?

If yes contribute your thoughts & if you don't know ask on social media by using 

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God's Mark of Love

19th august 2020

Don't feel guilty about your deeds. god will always watch you in good and bad conditions. He will support you in every circumstances. So if you feel you are not close to him, draw nearer right now.

God is eternal love for all of us. He will always protect us from every fear and worry. God will always set a mark on you for your protection and safety. 

Everyone who has faith in god could see the mark of god's on him. So do you see any mark on people who cares most or the people who displeased you?

Can anyone see that we truly love them, that we have not shunned or reject.  

Apply god's eternal love in your life to every person. 

★ Question- Have you faced any glitches about your deeds? 

Encourage One Another    

23rd august 2020

God is with us everywhere we go and he is also present in everything we see. God gives us strength to fight with misery and sorrow. 

But some people don't find their god and get distressed for those people more have to stand tall and to your duty to serve them and encourage them to getting their life back on track 

We are on same journey of life. We have not playing individual game here. We have to support and encourage one another in every high and low of our life. 

So encourage one another to get our satisfying emotion and get your ultimate goal glorified. 

Don't argue and react to which you see from your eyes encourage others if you know god is with you. 


★ Question- Have you encouraged anyone? 

Share your experience in comment box or use 

Conquer the Lion

24th august 2020

The lion is the king of the jungle but in our case it is a kid like a person, situation or problem we are facing in our daily life. We can easily defeat the kid. But if we not understand it, it can be very difficult to conquer it. 

In this modern world, young people face lion-like temptation. in their flesh. But often instead of conquering them they are conquered by them. 

Lord is with us and conquer the child like lion, we have to conquer life of all problems, person and situation with the support of god.

The spirit of the lord came mightily upon him and he rant him as he would have a kid.

★ Question- Which line do you want to conquer?

Comment below and share your experience or use #spi_ence on social sites and tag me on


25th august 2020

I am talking about hindrances related to spiritual world. Their are many people in our way when we are on the spiritual path, many people are involve as a barrier in that path. 

when we want to pray for god or we want to evolve you all in that journey. But  peoples are get presented in our way as obstacle. many great saints suffered from this.

Lack of spiritual growth is the big reason for this. So we have to neglect those hindrances and follow the path which our saints marked for us and reach the infinite pleasures in our life. 

Let us rise above our problem seeking the help of servants of god.

★ Question-  Do you have any bad experiences related to spirituality and holy places?

share your thoughts in the comment box. 

Make Sure your High Calling 

26 august 2020

In our life we regret for many opportunities which are come as a high calling and we also know that these opportunities can also change our life. But due to some situation we change our decision and we reject this high calling.

High calling is the best way of the god to connect with us these calling on the right implementation can change our life.

So next time keep in mind that do not reject your high calling and get your ultimate goal.

Make your High Calling count.

★ Question- Have  you counted your high calling? 

Share your High Calling in comment box. 

In the Prayer Closet  

27 August 2020

Always be in the presence of God and do only god asks to do. You are always familiar with your body parts, but one part in our body which is invisible is the linkage between brain and a heart called as soul. We have to devote this to god. 

When we aware fully concentrate our emotion to the god, we will discover the secret place of God. which is the absolute zero condition and that secret place of God is the god's  heart after achieved it will work as a autopilot for us. Means that we will work automatically like an autopilot mode and our success ratio will be higher. So prayer closet to god to achieve that divine heart.

Try to achieve the place in God's heart to become successful.

★ Question-  Do you know the absolute zero condition? 

If yes comment below.


  • Do good works to achieve God's Mark of love. 
  • Encourage One Another to Conquer the Lion in our life. 
  • By neglecting Hindrances convert your High Calling in reality. 
  • Be the devotee of the god to achieve absolute zero condition in God's heart. 

That's it for the first weekly summary of the blog.

It is the total summary of past all blogs. Thank you for reading my blog and sorry for asking many questions for all the content, but I think the questions are Essential to communicate between us To make the dialogue between us because when  I write my blog, it is one-way communication. But when you respond to the my blog or comment on my questions related to the topic we will get clarity and get more information about this topic which it really essential I guess or I rather see it is as most essential in future. I will publish all the spiritual decoded  content from our ancient  scriptures. So stay tuned for this. From  markarsankrant (utarayan) I will start the ultimate goal for which this blog is created. So subscribe my blog or follow me on the 

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So thank you for reading my blog. 



Rohan said…
Things are better unsaid.
Answering to the questions will count us into idiots.
But we can discuss it someday ��
Unknown said…
It was nice and keep writing...easy to understand...
Prashant Palane said…
Only you have to reply questions. They are present in post for discussion only. And from this answers we all will learn
Prashant Palane said…
Please provide your name it will help me to communicate more in friendly manner.
Thank you.
Reply to questions and share your experience with us
Hrishikesh Tadwalkar said…
Doing welll. Nice ideas but some more clarity in expression will be helpful.
Prashant Palane said…
Yes I will improve my expression with your guidance.
Please share your thoughts related to questions also.
Unknown said…
It's very delicious thought's, I like it very much because I believe in God 🙏

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