27 August 2020


Hello everyone,Welcome to blog

       I am Prashant Palane. This is my 8th blog. It's to late to publish this blog because I am doing some research about blogging and also conducted one small survey about this blog. Also from last two days I am trying resolve the problem of social connection with blog. So, sorry for my blog readers(which very small) for late publish of this blog.
        I think on writing this blog it will need your more time span(4-5min) so if you don't have time to read this please directly jump to the today's story.
       It is very different day for me about blog is concerned. My goal for this blog is only expressing my thought and increase my vocabulary and control over the English language.But as you get deep into anything you realize pardox of uncertainty, where we see the infinite permutations and combinations of possibilities. I experienced same about when I researched about blog.

  • Nevertheless, the way to start anything which many people follows and reference are given about that is -

  1. you have to get some knowledge about what you have to start.
  2. then after try that knowledge as a demo for some time.
  3. and finally publish your thought or that work in proper model.

  • But my way for this blog is a different -

  1. i started my blog directly with my idea without research.
  2. then after 2 weeks means now I am researching about it which helps a lot .
  3. when you start your blog as a raw with unknown process and research we get a that essence of first time experience which is I think 😌.
       So, for this blog I applied 2★ method if we use this correctly people will see your progress in great manner because when use this people will know how you changed from RAW thought to building an empire. That is the think when you add a brick by brick ideas to that empire people love this they'll pay more attention with you and they'll relate with you.
       So, I think this is my true first blog content which I genuinely feel come from 2★ process. For this blog almost spend whole day due gauri visarjan and research. I started this blog on 27th(9 am) and now it is 28th(1:23 pm) on writing. So let's see the today's (yesterday's) story.



        Always be in the presence of god and do only god asks to do. You are always familiar with your body parts but one part in our body which physically doesn't exist but it is the linkage between our brain 🧠 and heart 💓 is the our feeling & thought process which is the virtual collaboration of 🧠&💓. We have to devote this to god.
         In past their are many examples of self discovery but one I am familiar with is the saint Tukaram Maharaj example when people ask "how do you write this noble thoughts ?" response for that question is "it is not my thought this thought is generated by god I am only following instructions of god".
       When we awarefully concentrate our emotions to the god, we will discover the secret place of god which is the ultimate goal with "absolute zero" condition. And that secret place of god is the god's 💓  after achieved will work as autopilot for us. So prayer closet to god to acheive that divine heart.

   Alone with the god, the doors all shut, I see his face
  I feel his love so strong and true, I know his grace
  His comfort comes in strengthening power to fill my heart; Alone with god- how blest it to come apart.

He that dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

So, that's it for you in this blog I will be available for you in my next blog.

Thank you.



Unknown said…
I read complete blog prashant, & your pure thoughts about god are really admiring...keep writing...
Binary Spirits said…
Would you like to get summary for 1 week blogs on sunday.
Binary Spirits said…
Please provide your name I am not able to get your identity.
Binary Spirits said…
Thank you for your time. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
Binary Spirits said…
Thank you for supporting blog regularly. Please provide any suggestion or any new idea to implement on this blog
Binary Spirits said…
Thank you all for visiting and sharing your feedback 😌.
Please subscribe by email to get notified for my next blogs
SAGAR said…
खुप सुंदर आहे..
Nice one Prashant, yes surrendering to God as Tukaram Maharaj Surrendered to Vitthala, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa surrendered to Kali and Swami Vivekananda surrendered to his Guru is path to ultimate bliss. Delighted to read such blogs from young people. Best wishes

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