19 August 2020  
Hello everyone,
Welcome to blog
       I am Prashant Palane. This is my third blog. So today also a good day bright ⛅ sunshine through out the sky. I feel so happy when ⛅ sunshines. 
        I started my new podcast channel. Podcast name is PROJECT BINARY it is now audible on Spotify so please check out my podcast. So today's topic is also spiritual so let's start with today's story.
              GOD'S MARK OF LOVE
        Don't feel guilty about your deeds. God will always watch you in good and bad conditions. He will support you in every circumstances.
        So if you feel you are not close to him,draw nearer right now.
         God is eternal love for all of us he will always protect us from every fear and worry. God will always set a mark on you for your protection and safety.
        Everyone who has faith in God could see the mark of god's on him so do you see any mark on people who cares most or the people who displeased you?
        Can anyone see that we truly love them, that we have not shunned or rejected them?
The lord said unto him, therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vergenance shall be taken on him sevenfold and the lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.
So, that's it for you in this blog I will be available for you in my next blog.
thank you.


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