18 August 2020  

Hello everyone,
Welcome to blog

       I am Prashant Palane.This is my second blog.Today is a good sunny ⛅ day. No cloudy sky, clear sky and fresh atmosphere is here. Above photo is not defining those condition but still clear atmosphere is present in my area.
       Also it is good day for me as I completed my reading of "dyaneshwari" the book 📖 about bhagwatgita interpretation it is a landmark moment for me because I completed in 15 days only which I was trying to complete from last 1 year.
       So, let's see our today's blog story.

                      FIRE! FIRE!

       Once upon a time one girl had a vision. In her vision she visited the hell. 
       Hell is a place where the people who do unfair things go to hell after death. In her vision he saw his mother in hell 👿. She is far from his mother. After sometime both saw each other. After watching her daughter mother ask for help to rescue from hell.
       Mother says please rescue me or please free me from this fire.
       Girl knew that she cannot do anything about this. Time passes and she sees her sister and family are also locked in hell facing the strong heat of fire 🔥.
        After this vision girl realised that to become free from this fire one should do his duty according to the laws govern by the gods. One should fullfill her good deeds to become free from fire 🔥 and acheive peace ☮️ in heaven.

Where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.

So, that's it for you in this blog I will be available for you in my next blog.
thank you.



Ankita said…
Superb prashant ..thanku for this story
Unknown said…
What they did to be in the hell ?
Binary Spirits said…
It is not really happen it is her vision, as we dream various things it is like that in her vision she thought about hell

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