23 August 2020  

Hello everyone,
Welcome to blog
         I am Prashant Palane. This is my 4th blog. Sorry for not publishing blog for 3 days because I was doing some work related to above image. It is very special day for me because Ganesha come to our home and it is very auspicious day too.
        Every year Bappa comes to home and bless us. This year due to pandemic some restrictions are their but still we agree not afraid of celebrating this wonderful moments.
        But today's day is also a different day because Bappa is leaving us as we are restricted to one and half day rule for Bappa to stay at home. So I pray for our great future and strength for facing all the deeds.
        So let's start our story for the day.


       God is with us every where we go and is also present in every thing we see. God gives us strength to fight with misery and sorrow.
       But some people don't find their god and get distressed. For those people were have to stand tall and do your duty to serve them. And encourage them to getting their life back on track.
       We are on same journey of life. We have not playing individual game here we have to perform as a team, we have to support and encourage one another in every high and low of our life.
       So encourage one another to get our satisfying emotion and get your ultimate goal glorified.


Don't argue and react to which you see from eyes, encourage others if you know God is with you.

So, that's it for you in this blog I will be available for you in my next blog.
thank you.



Unknown said…
This information is very useful brother...and I hope you will post more blogs for encourage us.😇✌️
Prashant Palane said…
Please provide name.
Thank you for support.

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