24 August 2020  

Hello everyone,
Welcome to blog
      I am Prashant Palane.This my 5th blog. Toady is the cloudy sky but sun is visible after some time. It is difficult to write daily blog because content is very small and I don't want to repeat it again and again.
      So let's jump into today's blog directly.

            CONQUER THE LION

      The lion 🦁 is the king of the jungle. But in our case it is a kid. It is kid like a person, situation or problem we are facing in our daily life. We can easily defeat the kid but if we not understand it, it can be very difficult to conquer it.
       In this modern world, young people face lion-like temptations in their flesh, but often instead of conquering them,they are conquered by them.
        Lord is with us and conquer the child like lion 🦁.we have to conquer lion of all problems, person and situation with the support of god.

The spirit of the lord 🙏🏼 came mighty upon him, and he rent him as he would have rent a kid.

So, that's it for you in this blog I will be available for you in my next blog.

Thank you.



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